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LCHS Fall 2020 Plans - Q & A Session 2 - Shared screen with speaker view
Torgun Lovely
Torgun Lovely
Erin Ross
Will there be a way to test this online, remote system prior to the start of school? We had audio issues with one of our computers that our sons use - want to make sure we're all set to go if we need to use the remote system.
Robert Robinson
Erin, We don't have a formal test scheduled, but if you contact me at some point between now and the beginning of school, I'd be happy to set up a test class to troubleshoot the technology.
Steve Martin
How will band be handled?
Robert Robinson
We are moving band to the Colosseum to maximize spacing, buying shields for the front of the instruments (like masks on the bell), and working on other ways to continue band safely.
Elizabeth Barber
We will have five students next year. In order to find quiet, focused spaces for each of them, we do rely on some bedrooms.
Mailyn Cappuccio
Will the pick up/drop off of materials for virtual learning students be mandatory in person or could those details be arranged directly with the teacher/class in particular to consider other choices such as printed and scanned documents sent via email?
Robert Robinson
Elizabeth, Understood. Some flexibility will be necessary. We'll just trust you to help them present themselves in a professional way since they will be on camera.
Erin Ross
Is it OK for students to ride bikes to/from school? Any COVID issues with that?
Robert Robinson
Mailyn, Where possible digital materials is a great option. There are some items, such as textbooks, that will be physical. We will arrange some contactless pickup options, outside if necessary.
Mailyn Cappuccio
We will have two students in different grades next wear; in order to provide them separate spaces and guaranteed outside/sun/fresh air time, we would also need to rely on quite outside areas (deck/front porch) with table/desk set up. Would that be OK?
Kathleen Kearney
Erin, absolutely - no issues with that. You can definitely make that decision as a family. We just ask that students physically distance once they are at the school, so as long as that is possible, that should be fine.
Erin Ross
Amy Snodgrass
so now that psd is full online for fall, does that affect us?
Robert Robinson
Mailyn, We understand that families will need to adapt to their individual circumstances. The priority for us is limiting distractions for other students who see children's backgrounds. If you can try to meet that goal to the extent possible, that would be great.
Jason’s I-phone
If a student want to meet in a group at lunch outside, what happens when the weather gets bad?
Kathleen Kearney
Jason, we will have a contingency plan for inclement weather - likely distribute to some classrooms inside the building.
Jodi Fraser
PSD just sent out a message that they will all be on line to start with. I know we don’t follow all the rules but does this change our plans?
Celia LeVasseur
Will this zoom call be posted for later viewing? I am unable to stay on the call for the duration.
Robert Robinson
Jodi, We are aware of that announcement and in close contact with PDS. We do not follow them automatically and will continue to make decisions for this school independently.
Andy and Amy Lucas
I have the same question as Amy Snodgrass. See this article: https://www.coloradoan.com/story/news/2020/08/04/covid-19-fort-collins-schools-poudre-school-district-moves-learning-online/3295256001/
Kathleen Kearney
Celia, we can absolutely send you the recording - I will make a note. Thanks for coming.
Carol Ackerman
I would also like a link to the recording, since my husband is not able to be here now. Thank you.
Kathleen Kearney
Sure, Carol - I will make note of that. Thanks for coming tonight.
Robert Robinson
Andy and Amy, hopefully you saw this above, but I'll repost just in case. We are aware of that announcement and in close contact with PSD. We do not follow them automatically and will continue to make decisions for this school independently.
Mailyn Cappuccio
Please write me down to receive the link for the recording as well. Thank you.
Kathleen Kearney
Sure, Mailyn. Thanks!
Celia LeVasseur
Thank you Kathleen!
Ludy Rueda
When will the schedules be available? Thanks!
Robert Robinson
Ludy, We are aiming to distribute schedules by Aug 15.
Mailyn Cappuccio
Will teachers have the recording of the class available or recap if needed, like they did in the summer class and some in the Spring?
Mailyn Cappuccio
More just like an emergency back up for students doing full time virtual learning?
Ludy Rueda
Will jazz band be available for the fall?
Robert Robinson
Mailyn, Possibly, we are working out the details. Our expectation is that students will be able to attend live with the rest of the class.
Joann Steele
Will the filtration system designed to capture the Covid particles be in place in the schools prior to school starting?
Robert Robinson
Ludy, Great question. I'm still working with Mr. Lunn on an answer to that.
Mailyn Cappuccio
Understood Rober. Was thinking more in case of emergency of if the student is sick -and actually feeling sick- as a way to them to get caught up later?
Robert Robinson
Joann, We hope so and are working with the vendor to have it installed in time if at all possible.
Mailyn Cappuccio
Also - how will the process to take/report attendance for students doing full time virtual class? or will that be up to the each particular teacher?
Robert Robinson
Mailyn, Absolutely. That makes great sense and will likely happen, but we have not given teachers any guidance on that yet.
Robert Robinson
Each teacher will take attendance live during their class session by seeing who is logged into their section.
Mailyn Cappuccio
Thanks for clarifying
Elizabeth Barber
We definitely needed to utilize the archived classes due to illness last spring. I hope this will be available! It was especially necessary for my elementary students when I was sick and unable to supervise their participation during normally scheduled check ins. Thanks for considering this!
Robert Robinson
Elizabeth, Thanks, that feedback is helpful.
Hery & Meli Chan
How about zoom code & password?
Robert Robinson
We expect Zoom login procedures to be substantially the same as the spring.
Gordon Brooks
I had to tune in late. Will this recording be available after the meeting?
Kathleen Kearney
Gordy, I'd be happy to send you the recording if it'd be helpful.
Gordon Brooks
Thank you
Gordon Brooks
Its Gordy’s mom. : ) allisonbrooks4@gmail.com
This is the PSD statement the Woodards are referring to that was posted 5 minutes after this session started: We have made the difficult decision to start the new school year with PreK-12 students learning remotely. PSD leadership and Larimer County Department of Health and Environment (LCDHE) officials agreed today that it is unwise to open schools in our current environment. Schools will be closed to in-person education through at least the end of first quarter, Friday, Oct. 16. We will re-evaluate public health conditions throughout the fall and determine whether we can responsibly open schools or if we will need to continue remote education. Read more: https://www.psdschools.org/node/1590
Will Liberty be able to follow plans regardless of PSD's decision?
Kathleen Kearney
Got it! Thanks, Allison.
Elizabeth Barber
Thanks to the admin team for offering innovative solutions to these challenging circumstances!
Erin Ross
if one of our kids get sick, even if its not COVID symptoms (let's say strep throat symptoms), do we need to get a COVID test done before they can come back to school, and avoid any quarantine time?
Kathleen Kearney
Erin, our plan now is to take each scenario on a case-by-case basis and will communicate individually with families regarding their particular situations. Our hope is that if we can rule out COVID, they can return to school.
Erin Ross
Ok. Seems like a logical plan. Fingers crossed nothing happens.
Thank you for all of the hard work. This is an impossible situation and we appreciate that you are doing your best to guide us.
Erin Ross
Thank you to everyone at Liberty for all your hard work and dedication to Liberty familes to make this happen for our students. It means the world to my family.
Hery & Meli Chan
Thank you The Faculty for all your do to prepare the school to be opened & also back plans to anything that might happened.
Mailyn Cappuccio
Thank you all for this!
Zion Farrell
So thankful for your commitment to doing everything you can to get our kids back in school as much as possible.